Bible Study

Bible Study is offered on Zoom video conferencing on Wednesdays at 10:00 am. Bob Flegel (MDiv. Princeton) will lead our study of Paul. On May 6, we will start discussing chapter 21, which covers Paul’s arrival in Jerusalem and his arrest.

 You may join the class with your smart phone, tablet or computer (video and audio) or your home telephone (audio only). You will be able to hear, talk, and join the discussion with either method.

To join the Wednesday Bible Study by computer, tablet, or smart phone. Remember you must first install the free software on your device: (Use one of the two methods below to join us.)

Contact the office to provide your email address or request the weekly mailing which contain all of the information you need to join the class.

Below are links to the nine visuals for the class on 4/29/20. Scroll down for additional class materials.

Important Info about Paul
Jerusalem Council
Life of Paul
Map of Roman Empire
Map, Paul’s Travels before 1st Missionary Journey
Maps, 1st, 2nd, 3rd Missionary Journeys
Paul’s Conversion
Paul’s Personal Info in his letters
Paul’s Visits to Jerusalem

Below are links to the seven visuals for the class on 5/6/20.

1. Judaea map
2. Caesarea Maritima
3. Jerusalem in the time of Jesus
4. Herod’s Temple
5. Herod’s Temple 2
6. Temple Diagram
7. Temple Written Explanations