Rev. Roger Reaber – Retired


After a 26 year ministry with Grace Presbyterian Church, Pastor Roger Reaber retired on July 1, 2018

Roger has served with love, inspiration, creativity, wisdom, energy, humor, generosity and compassion, and touched many lives along the way. He worked on his very last day, performing a memorial service on June 30. Now that’s dedication!

Leslee has been a supportive member of Grace, serving as an Elder, in the office, on a fellowship team, as prayer chain manager, on the retreat team, and most recently by bringing plant-based eating education to the church through the Whole Food Plant Based Eating Group. Now that’s volunteerism!

It is with regret, and also goodwill and understanding, that the Session, staff, members and friends say goodbye to this dedicated pair. The congregation of Grace Presbyterian Church wishes Roger and Leslee all the best in their retirement.



Roger’s personal statement:

Theology matters, not as an intellectual exercise but as a motivation for living.  I know God is the Creator of all things and has created us in the Divine image.  With this understanding I affirm that all of humanity is holy.  And this motivates me to honor the Divine image in myself and all people that I meet.  This is why it has been important for me to march with the Muslim community after a mosque was fire-bombed, encourage the Contra Costa Council of Churches to become the Interfaith Council, and advocate for social justice for all people.

It is through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus that I see the image of God most fully reflected in the life of a person.  Jesus, who was fully human and fully God, shows us how to live in the Divine image.  Jesus cared for the sick, embraced children, challenged abusive authority, forgave others, and surrendered all—his very life—in liberating service to others.  And this is how I am called to live as well.

I am blessed to be part of the community of faith at Grace Church where theology matters and people are motivated by it.  This congregation has placed a great emphasis on building bridges with all of God’s people, and giving generously to support various ministries locally and globally.  Grace Church is a loving community where people look after the needs of one another.  Support is offered through personal relationships, small groups, and the whole community rallying behind someone in need.  We look beyond our own members and seek to be agents of peace and justice in the broader community.  From hosting a homeless shelter to advocating for peace between Israel and Palestine, Grace church has been engaged because theology matters and our Loving God is known and celebrated.

Come and join us and find greater motivation for abundant living!

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