2019 Easter Season

April and Easter Season Worship Services

April 7  Earth Day Celebration. Rev. Karen Hastings-Flegel will preach her sermon based on Job 12:4-10; Psalm 104. Holy Communion will be served. Worship includes prayers, poems, liturgy, art, and special music by Earth Care Team and Congregation.

April 14  Palm Sunday
Luke 19: 28-40; Sermon title: “The Stones Cry Out”. A procession with palms will open the worship service. Enjoy special music.

April 18 Maundy Thursday 6:00 PM
John 13: 1-17; Sermon Title: “Washing Feet, Touching Hearts” Potluck supper with Communion. Worship with special music following, all in the Oak Room.

Maundy Thursday will be observed in a different way this year—all in the Oak Room. Our meal will be include Communion which will be celebrated as part of the meal. Each table will have its own Communion service. Please sign up for the potluck and let the planners know you will be there so we can setup appropriately.

April 21 Easter Sunday, John 20: 11-18; Sermon title: “Seeing Him Through Tears” Bring flowers for the living cross. Enjoy special music with the choirs and featuring guest trumpeter, Steve Gileno. An Easter egg hunt will be held for the children

April 28 Luke 24: 13-35; Sermon title: “Burning Hearts” will be based on Luke 24: 13-35.







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