Grace Offers Free Day Retreat on Sat. April 27

Veterans and newcomers to Grace Retreats are welcome to attend. The conversation will be led by the retreat team, including Pastor Emeritus Charie Reid.

Stress and its effects are a modern day plague. Retreat activities will focus on enhancing wellness and reducing anxiety. There will be a variety of individual, as well as small and large group experiences which will include meditation and journaling, sacred reading, mandalas, quiet, contemplative walking and more.

Take home handouts will complement the experience and enable participants to further their personal explorations once they leave the retreat.

Grace Church is pleased to offer these retreats to the public including our Rossmoor friends and neighbors. To register to attend, sign up in the Narthex,  email
and provide your contact information, or call 925-935-2100.

Please RSVP by April 17, 2019. Please bring a friend with you to experience a relaxed and uplifting experience.


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