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Grace Presbyterian Church was founded in 1958 to serve the growing population of
Walnut Creek. Today the church continues to serve the Tice Valley and beyond.
All are welcome to worship and to join us for a special activity at the Church.
We are known for our friendly and welcoming congregation and we hope
you will feel at home here. While Grace church is in transition, guest ministers
have been invited to fill our pulpit with sermons we think you will find uplifting

and dynamic. We do this as we seek a new Senior Pastor to serve Grace Church.
Pastor Karen Hastings-Flegel continues to inspire Sunday worshipers
with her riveting and enchanting organ performances. 



Worship begins at 10:00 a.m. in the Sanctuary. Members and visitors are encouraged to
join us for fellowship and refreshments after worship. On many Sundays there is an
Adult Bible Study or a sermon discussion offered after church.


We welcome and celebrate all who join us—the young and the old, the rich and the poor,
the gay and the straight, the strong and the weak, the meek and the brave—and though we
are different one from another, we are united in loving and praising God and in loving each other.


Guided by the Holy Spirit, with open minds and hearts, we celebrate and share the
love of Jesus Christ, and are instruments of God’s grace, and peace.



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